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Alpine Viet Education (ciee USA) have known as New Indochina (N.I.C.) was established, initially, as a Vietnamese-based travel agency in 1994. It began by providing all travel related services, including airline ticketing sales, world-wide hotel reservations and bookings, business and holiday packages, adventure and tailor-made inbound tours, visa applications, travel insurance and car hire. We established offices in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City and continue to provide these services. These offices are staffed by 20 experienced and well qualified consultants each of whom has graduated from a Vietnamese University.

It soon became clear that the demand for student and youth travel both from local Vietnamese and from overseas agent was substantial and we established departments in these fields. We were appointed to be the sole International Student Identity Card (ISIC) issuers in Vietnam. ISIC is the only internationally student identity card. It is endorsed by UNESCO and their logo appears on every ISIC card. We are also the sole agent issuers for the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) and for the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). Each of these cards gives their owner certain recognition and privileges, including discounts and other benefits.

Responding to an increasing trend in our customer requirements, we formally established our Education department two years ago. We have already helped over 50 students gain places for studying in overseas undergraduate and high school programs. 30 of these students have gone to the USA, the others have been placed on courses in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Opportunities are arising in the UK. The placements may be through self-funded or scholarship overseas study courses. Assistance is given to students by providing information, helping them to select suitable courses, checking their qualifications and processing the application. Orientation courses are provided. Increasingly we are also arranging in-bound programs where overseas students come to Vietnam as volunteers or on an exchange program. We have links with several organizations in Vietnam who have demonstrated that they can make good use of overseas volunteers while providing a satisfying environment to the volunteers.

With around 5,000 students currently enjoying the benefits of the ISIC card we keep in touch with them through periodic meetings, the ISIC Club, education festivals, seminars and e-mail notices. We also arrange talks by our overseas partners, such as CIEE, WISE ABROAD, ISTC, STA-TRAVEL, STUDY GROUP and others, when they visit Vietnam. This keeps the students aware of opportunities as they arise, and gives us feedback on the best ways we can meet the student choices. Our staff have received training by the British Council and the Australian Embassy, as well as by staff of overseas APV offices. Part of their duties is to keep up to date with overseas education systems, the colleges and universities offering such placements, courses, tuition fees, accommodation and conditions generally. They can provide professional advice to the students and to their parents. Our staff can also assist with the documentation needed. They can also assist with registration for TOEFL and ILTS tests if required.

Today there are more options for travel to, from and within Vietnam than ever before, but the booking process remains far more complicated than it needs to be. Alpine Vietnam Travel goal is to be your partner in travel providing up-to-date information, transparent pricing, high-quality service and local trusted advice to allow you to book and travel with flexible tailor made itinerary, daily group tour

Our Mission:
Our core purpose is to enrich peoples lives by creating unique, interactive travel experiences.
Alpineviet trip are designed to go off the normal track, meet the locals and travel in an unconventional way, joining locals on their transport, in their markets and stay in their homes.

Alpine Viet Education (CIEE USA

Licensce number: 010 202 5321

Tax code: 010 189 3857

Address: Room 610 - VINACONEX Building - 57 Vu Trong Phung Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel:++( 84-4) 3999 4929 / 3559 2688 Fax: ++( 84-4) 3559 2688

Email: alpineviet@apv.com.vn
Website: www.apv.com.vn

Emergency contact: ++ (84) 913213 079

** Local volunteer coordinator
** Education services
** Insurance for study abroad & travel