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Project Summary

The Vietnam Friendship Village (VFV) was established in 1998 and located in Van Canh - Hoai Duc - Ha Tay far from Hanoi center on the west about 16kms and The National Sport Centre.

The VFV is the first kind of the project that enjoys the collective efforts of the War Veterans from various countries in the world upon the initiative of Mr. George Mizo, an American Vietnam war veteran. With the effective contribution and co-operation made by veterans of Vietnam and of five other countries, Germany, Japan, France, England and the U.S, the VFV has become the noble symbol of co-operation and reconciliation, friendship and world peace. These veterans have got together to set up the International Committee for the Friendship Village with George as its President through out the initial period until his decease. His spouse, Mrs Rosemarie Hohn Mizo has succeeded this leading role since Oct, 2002. The VFV is under direct management of the central Committee of the veterans Association of Vietnam.

With strong sympathy for this project, the Government and veterans of Vietnam have provided it land, finance, personnel and various favourable conditions. After 54 months of the construction. The Vietnam Friendship Village began to admit it's first children and veteran from 18th March 1998. On a rotation basis (2-3 months for veterans and 1-2 years for children: serious case may be longer.) The VFV provides a home and education and look after for 100 children and 50 veterans. At the moment, children's age is between 5 and 14 who are suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. The aim of the VFV is to care, offer free of charge medical treatment, feeding for these children and help them integrate into society.

The children are divided into 04 groups of classes (The embroidery classes, the classes of intelligence deficient children, Training the tailoring classes, making artistic flower classes) some of their classes are attended by normal children.


- To be assistance to staff (they call mother) in caring low IQ children, Helping staff with general housework (cooking, clean the children's room, help to fill the food for children, growing vegetable...)

- Transferring your training skills (if you have) & your experience to their staff in teaching this kind of children

- Joining daily activities with the children including assisting with exercise

- To improve the English skills of the village staffs & help them to make a web.

Working Hours

The working hour of the VFV are 9.00-12:00 am 02:00-05:00pm from Monday to Friday,
There are some international sponsors who provided facilities for the rehabilitation & training room, as well as toys for the children.
Special Points

Local student volunteer & trainee are welcome to the village, some of them speak English can assist our volunteer. The project is run by Vietnamese military veterans and it look very organized & independence, The project management is awarded that their staff are not entirely professional, so they listen any professional or good advices.

You need to pay fees for

Registration Fee: usd50

Include: Vietnam visa approval document, 24/7 support from local staff, program marketing costs, administration costs, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.

Program Fee: usd 90 per week

Include: Orientation with basic Vietnamese lessons, program supervision, accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) during volunteer placement period, In-country 24/7 volunteer support and In-country administration costs.

What additional costs will I have?

Airport pick up = usd 30, Visa, flights, insurrance, vaccinations, souvenirs, trips or tours you do while in the country, transfer back to the airport from program, spending money (volunteers in Vietnam generally find US$15 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).