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The Peace Village

Cập nhật: 6/21/2014 2:23:07 PM

The Peace Village was established in 1991 and provides a home and education for 92 children and young people who are suffering from the effects of Agent Orange (their age are between 2 and 22). The aim of the village is to care for these children & help them integrate into society. They are arranged into 4 special classes where they receive primary lessons, rehabilitation training as well as other vocational training classes where they can learn craft, tailing...guided by the centre's 38 staff.

Volunteer will be a teacher/mother at the village and your main activities will be included:
- caring for the children
- helping staff with general housework
- create the change to speak English For the children and staff, teach them English
-singing songs and playing games with the children
- joining daily activities with the pupils including assisting with exercise
- filling the gab of felling from the disable children and poor family with the normal life

That means you will be another staff member available to help the children in their daily activities and also to help the staff (included teacher & doctor) to learn English

You need to pay fees for

Registration Fee: usd50

Include: Vietnam visa approval document, 24/7 support from local staff, program marketing costs, administration costs, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.

Program Fee: usd 90 per week
Include: Orientation with basic Vietnamese lessons, program supervision, accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) during volunteer placement period, In-country 24/7 volunteer support and In-country administration costs.

What additional costs will I have?
Airport pick up = usd 30, Visa, flights, insurrance, vaccinations, souvenirs, trips or tours you do while in the country, transfer back to the airport from program, spending money (volunteers in Vietnam generally find US$15 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).