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Work with orphans and special needs children in Hanoi

Cập nhật: 6/21/2014 2:38:52 PM

Project Overview
Based in Hanoi you will find yourself in a cosmopolitan city, although you will still find plenty of evidence of Vietnam's ancient culture. Here you will work at two different projects. On the one hand you will be helping to care for children and young people suffering from the effects of Agent Orange; the devastating chemical weapon used in the Vietnam War. You will be responsible for providing much-needed support and care to truly deserving individuals. On the other hand you will be working at a children's home for orphaned and abandoned children. Here your help is needed to give the children the care, attention and love they need in their daily lives, giving them a feeling of family. The work can at times be challenging, but the rewards are immense.

Project details:
This placement combines work at two projects - a rehabilitation centre for children with special needs and a home for orphans and disadvantaged children.

The centre for children with special needs was founded in 2001 and now has 3 centre's around Hanoi which provide care and education for approx 50 children and young people (aged 2 to 22yrs old) who are suffering from the effects of agent orange, autism, down syndrome and Japanese encephalitis.

The home for orphans and disadvantaged children has been running since 1993 and aims to support and educate the children, bringing them up to be good citizens. The home currently cares for approximately 20 children aged between 3 and 17 years old.

Why the project needs volunteers:
The projects operate with limited funds and resources. They look for financial support from local sponsorship and international organizations and physical assistance from enthusiastic volunteers. This is where you come in! At the centre for children with special needs you will help to support their objectives of providing care and vocational programs to reintegrate their patients back into society. At the home for orphans and disadvantaged children you will help with English lessons, play games with the children and help the staff with general housekeeping.

What kind of skills you need to go on this type of project:
Volunteers at these projects should have a genuine love of children and young people, and an interest helping people with challenging conditions. Volunteers on this placement should have a good understanding of these conditions and be confident in working in this area. Although you do not require any special skills, any experience working with children or young people would be valuable. You will need to be confident, understanding and resilient to difficult conditions.

Your role as a volunteer:

Your role will mainly involve caring for the children, singing songs, playing games with the children, joining daily activities and exercise with the pupils as well as helping the centre to cook, clean and feed the children.

It is generally expected that you will work at the centre for children with special needs in the morning and at the home for orphaned and disadvantaged children in the afternoon / early evening although this will vary depending on the needs of the project.

Where the project is based:

The project is located in the districts of Hanoi, all within walking distance or a bus ride away from your accommodation. Hanoi is a pleasant city with a European feel, and you will find many attractive lakes, parks and boulevards to explore. Hanoi is a much more peaceful city than Ho Chi Minh; Vietnam's largest city, and is home to many interesting museums, temples and pagodas. You will be staying in a guest house in the lively Old Quarter of Hanoi, where you will have easy access to internet cofee, banks

You need to pay fees for

Registration Fee: usd50

Include: Vietnam visa approval document, 24/7 support from local staff, program marketing costs, administration costs, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.

Program Fee: usd 90 per week
Orientation with basic Vietnamese lessons, program supervision, accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) during volunteer placement period, In-country 24/7 volunteer support and In-country administration costs.

What additional costs will I have?

Airport pick up = usd 30, Visa, flights, insurrance, vaccinations, souvenirs, trips or tours you do while in the country, transfer back to the airport from program, spending money (volunteers in Vietnam generally find US$15 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).