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Xavier High School ($20,773.75)

Xavier High School is a rigorous college preparatory school that offers a wide array of Advanced Placement courses and give students intensive, individualized assistance for college applications. 96% of graduates continue on to enroll in colleges across the United States and the world. As a mid-sized private school, Xavier is able to offer an incredible array of courses as well as a strong and diverse Fine Arts department and one of the most successful athletic programs in Iowa - while still being able to maintain individual attention to each student. The school is also able to offer a wide selection of community service opportunities, from environmental protection to aiding the homeless and more. As a Catholic school, Xavier strives to assist each student to a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, and provides a learning atmosphere where creativity and innovation are honored and celebrated. The 60-acre, 146,500-square-foot facility is located right in downtown Cedar Rapids, where students have access to dining, shopping, museums, and entertainment. Xavier is an excellent choice of school for forward-thinking and high-achieving students!


Eastern Allamakee Community School District ($18,633.05)

Kee High School is a secondary school within Eastern Allamakee Community School District that serves students in grades 9 through 12. 

Through diverse 21st century educational experiences, the school strives to develop students into lifelong learners who can communicate, solve problems, work collaboratively and live productive lives in a complex society. It mission states "we are dedicated to providing a quality educational service to all students by providing a student-centered learning environment, a results-based staff, and a positive community relationship". Kee High School is located in Lansing, Iowa, 'American Heartland' region right on the main channel of the Mississippi River. Due to its proximity to the water, the town has a resort-like feel and attracts people who enjoy various water and other outdoor activities.


Dowling Catholic High School ($22,753.30)

Dowling Catholic High School is a Blue Ribbon School that is known for everything from academics to performing arts to sports. The school's large size enables it to offer an incredible array of arts classes, performance opportunities, AP courses, and athletics. Additionally, the school has a strong college counseling center that provides standardized test seminars, career planning, coordinated college visits, scholarship information, and help with the college application process. There are also many online resources through the school that provide access to more AP courses and classes for college credit. As a Catholic high school, DCHS offers many opportunities for spiritual growth and education. Located next door to the state capital, West Des Moines offers the privacy of a suburb with the proximity to the biggest city in Iowa and its restaurants, entertainment venues, museums, and more! Dowling Catholic High School is a great choice for the student who wants access to many options for courses, extracurriculars, arts, and sports, while planning ahead for their college future.