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St. Francis School ($40,380.00)

As a progressive school, St. Francis cultivates a joyful, compassionate, intellectual community that celebrates individuality and gives high levels of attention to each individual student. With a low teacher/student ratio, the ideals of a progressive education - tailoring lessons to individual students rather than having a "one size fits all" education - are masterfully applied. The style of education fosters active, engaged learning in which students use their surroundings to apply their lessons. High schoolers explore downtown to find architectural features reminiscent of the Middle Ages and use the various floors of the school building to calculate gravity and experience other forces of physics. Students at St. Francis School are also helped to understand their relationship to the surrounding community, and devote multiple days per year to serving the community. Adolescents come to school happy and ready to learn, and graduate well-prepared academically and purposefully. The rigorous college preparation at St. Francis focuses on finding the very best college match for each individual student, and include enrollment at Harvard, Columbia, Middlebury, and other fine colleges and universities. The school is located right in downtown Louisville, with access to baseball museums, historical buildings, and beautiful parks.


Sayre School ($33,393.50)

 Founded in 1854 in Lexington, Kentucky, Sayre School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school, serving students from Pre-K through grade 12. Students participate in a wide range of courses and extracurricular activities in a community that appreciates individual interests, talents, and skills. The rigorous curriculum stretches the intellect and promotes creativity through which a proper foundation for future education is built. The teachers at Sayre provide innovative and differentiated instruction and supportive interaction with students who ultimately develop independent and analytical thinking skills and learn to communicate effectively with adults and each other. Located in downtown Lexington, Sayre School maintains an active role in the local community. Sayre seamlessly melds the School's progressive learning environment with the cultural resources of the surrounding cityscape, opening students' eyes through experiences such as performing a school musical in an iconic theatre, holding a mock trial in a federal courthouse, or learning about sustainability through planting and harvesting fresh food in a community garden. Sayre has even undertaken substantial renovation, building, and acquisition projects that ensure an enduring and vital presence in the urban core.  


Presentation Academy ($22,105.00)

Presentation Academy, Louisville's oldest continuously operating school, is a Catholic college preparatory academy for young women. The school's mission is to prepare young women with the academic, spiritual, physical, cultural, and emotional tools required to succeed in the years following high school. Upon graduation from Presentation, each young woman will have acquired the critical thinking skills necessary for the next phase of her life. Faculty and staff members are committed to challenging, encouraging, and supporting students in their efforts. Presentation offers more than 70 required and elective subject courses including Advanced Placement classes. Additionally, Presentation students have the ability to take college credit courses on the Spalding University campus. Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Presentation Academy provides a unique opportunity for students to experience firsthand the business, social, religious, and cultural attributes which only a downtown school can offer. Presentation attracts students from over 50 different zip codes and with students coming from a wide variety of geographic, economic, social and cultural backgrounds, a Presentation Academy educational experience is truly a broadening one. 


Louisville Collegiate School ($34,612.50)

Collegiate's Upper School is dedicated to helping students become the best they can be and to succeed through college and beyond. The comprehensive college preparatory curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and individuality. A JK-12 co-ed independent day school, Louisville Collegiate School is located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Lousiville, and is rich with history, tradition, and academic excellence.Collegiate prides itself on being a small school with big school spirit. Students can and do get involved in not only athletics and extracurriculars, but traditions such as the Freshman Retreat, First Day of School Tug of War, Class Competitions, and Spirit Weeks as well (among many more)!


At Collegiate, every student is valued and nurtured at the beautiful campus in the heart of Louisville's historic Cherokee Triangle. Students are encouraged to "Stand Out. Be Collegiate." With all the wonderful attractions, restaurants, museums, and more than Louisville has to offer, combined with the school's amazing opportunities for students, every Collegiate student finds something to love.