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The Newman School ($47,030.00)

The Newman School is a private high school with approximately 250 students. It is located in the heart of Boston within the historic Back Bay neighborhood. The school's central location and its history in this neighborhood provide students unique opportunities to both experience and participate in the artistic, cultural, and historical resources located throughout Boston. For instance, students benefit from attending school only a few blocks from the Boston Public Library and Museum of Fine Arts. The Newman School faculty is comprised of 22 full-time and 4 part-time teachers, many of who graduated from the most prestigious universities. In addition to a rigorous curriculum and diverse elective options, students are encouraged to take part in all that Newman has to offer. Athletic programs, clubs, community service projects, and participation in other activities completes the Newman experience. Fifty percent of the students participate in competitive sports teams that include baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and rowing. 


School Motto: Let Heart Speak to Heart


The MacDuffie School

The MacDuffie School offers a challenging academic curriculum along with leadership opportunities and a wide range of extracurricular programs in the arts, athletics, and community service. A small school with a rich liberal arts curriculum directed toward a diverse college-bound student body graduates students who attend some of the country's most selective colleges and continue on to successful and rewarding careers. This can partly be attributed to a faculty of whom 70% hold advanced degrees and an average tenure of 8 years. Boarding students are strongly supported by a multicultural community as well as a caring residential staff. They live together in double and single rooms in newly refurbished dormitories. Healthy appetizing meals are provided 3 times a day in a state-of-the-art dining facility. Weekend activities take advantage of the regional attractions, beauty, and culture of New England, and can include apple picking, pumpkin carving, skiing, roller skating, concerts, museums, athletic events, fairs, theatre, and shopping. Boarders also benefit from the wide range of events at nearby colleges as well as weekend trips to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.


Pioneer Valley Christian School ($25,740.00)

Pioneer Valley Christian School is an independent school with approximately 285 students enrolled each year in grades Preschool through 12. The mission of PVCS is to offer a thorough Christian education through a Liberal Arts curriculum. It is the goal of PVCS to work alongside families of its community in the spiritual, educational, and emotional development of their children. PVCS strives for excellence in academics and for true mastery of facts, principles, and skills taught from a Biblical perspective. 50% of the faculty members hold advanced degrees and average tenure of 12 years. The school's campus is comprised of 25 wooded nature trails, athletic fields, tennis courts, and batting cages. Students will also find well-maintained classroom buildings with state-of-the-art science labs, art studios, computer labs, an auditorium/gymnasium, a library, a cafeteria, educational therapy rooms for students with learning differences, and, finally, structured study rooms.


Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall ($54,849.50)

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall provides a small diverse student body a challenging and supportive academic environment along with arts, athletics, student activities, and support services designed to engage and challenge outside the classroom. With small classes and a faculty of 34 teachers, the students' strengths are easily identified as well as built upon. Living on campus is seen as an extremely positive experience. A diverse group of boarders offers a rare chance to bridge cultural gaps and expand horizons. The dorms also have much to offer, including 3-4 house parents along with their families and even pets, dorm proctors who offer plenty of support to boarders, supervised study halls to study and even relax at convenient workstations, check e-mail, and use high speed internet and art programming, and numerous weekend activities such as whale watching, movie nights, trips downtown, skiing, shopping, and dining just to name a few! Because the CH-CH campus is home to many students, it actually feels like home. Lastly, its location in relation to Boston is also a very appealing aspect as students will benefit from the many cultural awakenings in the historical city only 10 miles away. 


Worcester Academy (Boarding: $60,912.00 - Private: $46,207.00)

Worcester Academy, named "Best Math School" in 2006 by Boston Magazine, is a coeducational independent boarding school located in the heart of New England. Its rigorous and demanding curriculum which combines academics, arts, athletics, and community service, has proven time and again to well-prepare students not only for their education beyond WA, but for the real world as well. With an international population of 20%, WA maintains a strong commitment to diversity in hopes of bringing a wide range of perspectives to its campus. Throughout the years, the WA community has benefitted from a number of campus upgrades including, a 6 acre addition in 2006, another 4 acre addition in 2012, and a $5.6 million reconstruction of its laboratories, summer 2008. Located in the second largest city in New England, WA students strongly benefit from a diverse population as well as a rich arts and education community. The museums, parks, and exciting neighborhoods provide them with a multitude of ways to spend their free time. 


Graduates attend: Yale University, Stanford University, MIT, NYU, Boston University, Brown University, Cornell University, Columbia University, etc.!


Wilbraham & Monson Academy ($57,898.75)

Wilbraham & Monson Academy offers its students everything a school should. Its rigorous curriculum challenges and disciplines students and its teachers, who truly care for their students, help create an environment which prepares them not only for higher education, but for life. W & M's fine and performing arts program opens doors to explore, practice, perform, and pursue dreams. At W & M, there is something for everyone; you can join a club, start a club, attend dances, hang out in the Campus Center, compete in the school Olympics, attend concerts and lectures, run in the school derby, compete in pool and/or ping-pong tournaments, cheer on a team, or even do something you've never done before! Finally, W & M offers boarders nice bedrooms furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and bureau as well as an iron and ironing board, vacuum, broom, microwave, coin-operated washer and dryer, television, and DVD player. Dorm life consists of sit-down meals, room checks, clean-ups, study hours, dorm meetings, free time, and weekend activities both on and off campus including movie nights, white water rafting excursions, and more! The boarding experience also provides students the benefits of supportive dorm parents made up of a group of full time teachers and coaches. All of these qualities ensure a true family-like atmosphere! 


Whitinsville Christian School ($35,712.50)

Whitinsville Christian School, which serves 533 students from 79 churches and 42 communities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, has an 84 year-long tradition of excellence in coeducational Christian day school education. Approximately 180 high school students are enrolled in the comprehensive, 4-year college preparatory program. Whitinsville high school students are challenged by a diverse and rigorous curriculum and surrounded by a community of lifelong learners. Students also receive a great deal of support from teachers, students, and staff who are committed to working together to build lasting friendships and relationships. Seniors from Whitinsville are accepted at major colleges and universities throughout the United States. Additionally, the school's beautiful 27-acre campus has a broad range of academic, artistic, and athletic facilities as well as a state-of-the-art Library Media Center, wireless internet throughout the entire building, and a network of computers and technology tools for the 21st century student. Located only 1 hour outside of Boston, students have the unique opportunity to experience an international city renowned for its many colleges and universities. The rich history and culture which students have the opportunity to be a part of is second to none.   


Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay ($46,905.00)

 This is a school that offers an alternative to high-pressure, high-stress secondary education. The high school is an extension of a growing community of more than 800 Waldorf schools worldwide, and was born of a desire among the eighth-graders of the Lexington Waldorf School to continue their Waldorf education beyond junior high. Their teaching style and small classes help teenagers develop into flexible, confident thinkers who address life's big questions with creativity and optimism. The curriculum strongly integrates the arts into vigorous academic exploration and experiential learning. The school has a Winter Arts Evening where students sing, and play music for each other and their family and friends, as well as for the community at large. The heart of the Waldorf approach is the "block class," which is an uninterrupted one-and-a-half hour concentrated class at the beginning of each school day in which students delve deeply into various subjects and academic disciplines. With fine facilities and intimate class sizes, the Waldorf approach is one that ensures that students are exposed to the great ideas of mankind. 


Belmont Public Schools ($28,775.82)

Belmont High School is a four-year public high school in Belmont, Massachusetts. Belmont provides students with outstanding educational opportunities for them to reach their intellectual, creative, personal, civic, and social potentials. Its mission also includes creating and maintaining a safe, supportive environment in which all students feel valued and respected as they become successful, life-long learners and responsible citizens in a diverse and changing world. In 2009, US News gave Belmont High School a gold medal and named it the 100th best non-private high school in the United States and the second best in the state of Massachusetts. Located in the desirable and welcoming community of Belmont, students benefit from the small-town atmosphere within a larger metropolitan area. The city of Boston, which is approximately 10 miles from Boston, is easily accessible to students giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a thriving, vibrant city renowned for its cultural facilities, world-class educational institutions, champion sports franchises, as well as its place at the very forefront of American history.     


Arlington Catholic High School ($22,980.00)

Arlington Catholic High School is a college preparatory high school committed to educating and challenging young men and women in accordance with Catholic teachings, while fostering academic, spiritual, and social growth.  Through a caring and supportive environment, Arlington Catholic strives to build a sense of community while maintaining an awareness of individual needs.  Students are challenged to think critically and creatively.  The faculty and staff work hard to make each student feel as though he or she really matters.  The faculty at Arlington Catholic is committed to providing a challenging curriculum for all students in a caring and supportive environment.  Arlington Catholic encourages young adults to become life-long learners, to develop a loving relationship with God, and to demonstrate a healthy respect for self and others in order to contribute to a more just society.  

Arlington Catholic is located in Arlington, Massachusetts, just eight miles outside the great city of Boston.  Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and was the scene of several key events of the American Revolution.  It is known as the "Cradle of Modern America" - there is a lot to learn about the United States in Boston!