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Valley Forge Military Academy ($44,270.00)

Valley Forge Military Academy is a private, all-male boarding school which serves grades 7 through 12 and postgraduate. Established in 1928, VFMA has a long tradition of fostering personal growth through a comprehensive system built on Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development, and Leadership. Students at VFMA benefit from small class sizes, one-on-one interaction with their teachers, and a strong academic program. The school's curriculum emphasizes college preparation offering advanced placement, honor, and enrichment courses, as well as opportunities for independent study. The education is comprehensive - encompassing a challenging curriculum, leadership opportunities, character development, athletic competition, physical fitness, extracurricular activities, and social interaction with a diverse group of peers. Living in the Valley Forge community provides an opportunity to make life-long connections with others. Students live in a safe, supportive environment which promotes education, leadership opportunities, and intercultural awareness. Its dedicated staff, faculty, and Teach Advise Counsel, is always available to provide students with guidance. Overall, cadets graduating from VFMA are poised for success.  


The George School

George School, an institution of Quaker tradition, is an academically rigorous, private boarding and day high school. Besides offering a wide variety of Advanced Placement and other interesting, challenging classes, it is one of only a few boarding schools offering the International Baccalaureate Program. George School's campus is 240 acres of open lawns and beautiful woods. Facilities include a solar-powered greenhouse, two athletic facilities including an eight-lane pool, ten playing fields, ten outdoor tennis courts, stables with two riding rings, as well as a student health center, bookstore, coffeehouse, post office, and snack bar. Dorm life at The George School is full of life. Students admit to working hard while having a lot of fun at the same time. On a typical weekend, students have the chance to hang out with friends, work on group projects, catch up on sleep, go to a movie, play sports, watch sports, walk to town, etc. Each weekend, events at George School take on a theme. Whether it's Harvest Weekend or Food & Fun Weekend, students are always immersed in action. Located in historic Newtown, Pennsylvania, the school is only a half hour from Princeton, New Jersey, forty minutes from Philadelphia, and two hours from New York City.  


Shipley School ($47,186.25)

The Shipley School, a Pre-Kindergarten through 12 coeducational day school, is committed to educational excellence and dedicated to developing in each student a love of learning and compassionate participation in the world.  Through a strong college preparatory curriculum in the humanities and sciences, the school encourages curiosity, creativity, and respect for intellectual effort.  This college preparatory also challenges the students to discover their passions and their potential, and to take their education to the next level.  They are pushed to see how ideas overlap across academic disciplines, and they gain the confidence and self-awareness that will carry them through college and the future. The curriculum offers a wide array of honors, standard, and advanced courses, and allows students to structure individualized schedules based on their talents and interests.  Shipley upholds and promotes moral integrity, a sense of personal achievement and worth, and concern for others at school and in the larger community.    


Shipley School is located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, which is also home to Bryn Mawr College.  Bryn Mawr is well known as one of the wealthiest communities in the United States



Pennsylvania International Academy ($39,937.50)

Pennsylvania International, a student services organization for Mercyhurst Preparatory School, guides international and US students, grades 9-12, on a journey that starts with their high school career and ends with their acceptance into some of the top universities around the US. MPS is a renowned Catholic, National Blue Ribbon school, committed to offering an enriching atmosphere that promotes the development of a well-rounded, life-long learner in preparation for life in our global world. Its knowledgeable faculty are among the best as they truly care for their students and devote much of their time to activities outside the classroom. The unique partnership between PIA and MPS offers students exceptional benefits as PIA provides the services for boarding students to attend MPS along with support throughout their time abroad. Students not only receive accommodations, but language and cultural support programs and academic enhancement opportunities as well! The dorms are open year-round, 24 hours per day for students. Finally, students are able to practice their newly obtained skills and experience US culture first-hand during field trips and other enrichment programs offered exclusively through the Academy. 


Lititz Christian School ($22,094.95)

The high school program at Lititz Christian School consists of grades 9-12 and is designed to build in each student a full integrated, personal faith in Jesus Christ as well as an awareness of the gifts and talents God has created in them to develop and use for His glory.  The high school offers students new and expanded opportunities academically, socially, spiritually, and in the extracurricular arenas.  In an effort to help students gain a better understanding of the fullness of life and faith, they are challenged by faculty to get outside their comfort zones during the high school years.  Lititz Christian offers an academic program that concentrates on depth rather than breadth of subject matter.  Lititz Christian believes students should master core subjects before graduating from high school.  In these courses, students wrestle with ideas, events, and discoveries that have shaped this nation and the world.  The rigor of the high school curriculum is matched by the school's commitment to small class sizes along with a homeroom and advisory program that helps students develop personal relationships to guide them throughout high school and toward their future goals and callings.  


Germantown Friends School ($43,661.13)

Germantown Friends School's academic program is grounded in a culture of inquiry. On a daily basis, students and faculty at every grade level delve deeply into questions that form the heart of a rich and substantive curriculum. Students and teachers learn with and from one another, growing from a willingness to venture beyond what they comfortably know. Together they create a vibrant intellectual community. As a Friends School, education is regarded not as training for a particular way of life, but as part of a lifelong process. Students are guided and encouraged in their personal growth. Germantown's upper school offers 49 major and 34 minor courses. Art and music may be arranged as majors. Advanced and independent work are available in most disciplines. The Upper School program also provides countless leadership opportunities, numerous extra-curricular activities, and diverse learning environments. Located in the northwest section of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Germantown offers rich historic sites and buildings from the colonial era as the area is one of Philadelphia's oldest settlements. The neighborhood is lively and diverse and has a strong sense of community. It is a wonderful place to live and to visit!  


Friends Select School ($43,529.45)

Friends Select School is an independent, college preparatory school with 545 students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Friends Select draws its identity from its Quaker heritage and beliefs and from its Center City location. Framed by this basic identity, the school provides a challenging academic program to a diverse, coed student population. Learning at Friends Select is an experience full of energy, creativity, and real-world connections. The Friends Select curriculum reflects the imagination and passion of its faculty. Because the school's location within the city center, its curriculum is created and enriched by the resources of the city. The school is situated in the heart of Philadelphia's government, museum, and business districts. Ninth graders study paintings and artifacts at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and present their finds each spring at the museum. Juniors and Seniors complete urban internships at research labs, architectural firms, theaters, museums, city offices, television stations, and brokerage houses. The city enriches the Friends Select experience, and Friends Select students grow as engaged and responsible citizens of the city. 



Kennedy Catholic is a four-year Archdiocesan co-ed Catholic high school open to students of all backgrounds and faiths. At the heart and soul of Kennedy Catholic is a commitment to developing the fullest potential of every student in learning, faith, and leadership. We actively seek students and families who value all three.

Kennedy Catholic graduates are prepared for elite colleges and universities nationally and internationally thanks to an exceptional teaching staff, an experienced, four-year-college admissions team, and a faculty that advocates for the success and achievement of all students.

The spiritual formation of our students begins in the classroom, and continues through service locally, nationally and internationally. Life-changing retreats and service projects encourage introspection and inspire compassion for others.


We cultivate leaders in and out of the classroom. Kennedy Catholic students participate in dozens of social, extra-curricular, immersion service and sporting clubs that strengthen their high school experience and build self-confidence. The co-ed environment allows male and female students to learn to collaborate, each bringing their style to bear in working for common goals.

LIVING WORD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL (usd 34.000 boarding)

Located in Greenvill, Pensyvnaia, Living Christain School enroll 110 students from kidergarten through 12

 SHARPSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (Public)* (usd 42.000 boarding cost )

Located in Sharpsville , Pensyvnaia, this school enroll 395 students from 9 through 12

JAMESTOWN HIGH SCHOOL (Public)* (usd 43.000 boarding cost)

To educate all students to participate in and contribute to a changing global society by actively involving them in an education program that emphasizes basic and life-long learning skills in an environment of mutual respect

2013 Bronze Medal for the best High school Nationality

GREENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (Public) (usd 42.000 boarding cost)

As a cooperating partner of the community, Greenville Public Schools will assure all students the education necessary to participate as responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

this school enroll 685 students from 7 through 12