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United Christian Academy

Following the model of classical Christian education, students at United Christian Academy are encouraged to think abstractly and to analyze data, to construct logical arguments and debate, to compare and contrast, and to search for cause and effect relationships. As a result, students read widely, develop the art of oral presentation, and are taught to write research papers on a wide variety of subjects. Scientific exploration, critical reading of the great works of literature, and analysis of historical and biblical worldview issues are encouraged. It is the desire of UCA to graduate students who are able to articulate their beliefs in a variety of ways, and who are able to defend those beliefs to others who might disagree with them. Small class sized, a low student-teacher ratio, and a setting of quiet beauty enable the school to achieve these goals. Among other qualities, UCA has a highly-individualized ESL program, high average SAT scores, experience with hosting students from many countries, a fully-committed staff, and a safe and welcoming community. The area of Vermont in which the school is located is serene, pristine, and infused with natural beauty.


Saint Johnsbury Academy ($50,381.75)

Founded in 1842, Saint Johnsbury is a comprehensive, independent private high school widely recognized as an institution that fosters character, academic excellence, and civic responsibility in its students. Saint Johnsbury Academy combines the opportunities and resources of a large school with the personal attention and support of a small boarding school. Students from 50 Vermont and New Hampshire communities, 25 states, and more than 20 countries form a diverse and supportive community. The 245 courses (4  levels) include Advanced Placement (23), fine and performing arts (40), languages (5), technology, engineering, and computer science (20). Extracurricular opportunities abound with 40 teams and 60 organized activities. The beautiful and safe village campus provides exceptionally complete facilities. Resident students have access to all of these facilities while living in 8 dormitories around the campus, 4 each for boys and girls. Different in size and personality, each dorm houses faculty advisors, their families, and students. Students are also within walking distance to movie theatres, restaurants, and shops and also can take advantage of weekend travel opportunities through the Resident Life Office. 


Burr and Burton Academy ($47,638.00)

Burr and Burton Academy is an independent, coeducational New England secondary school that serves as the school of choice for 680 students from Manchester and twelve surrounding communities as well as over sixty students from overseas. The school's 29-acre campus with world-class facilities and technology is situated at the foot of Mount Equinox Mountain overlooking picturesque Manchester Village. There is a proud tradition of educating students of diverse backgrounds and talents in a warm and caring environment that encourages excellence and community. The school is dedicated to upholding the highest academic standards while at the same time seeking the integrated development of all students through aesthetic appreciation, athletic competition, physical well-being, and technological competency. Burr and Burton Academy was seen in U.S. News and World Report's Best Colleges Issue, September 2010. Over 80% of students attend college, with Ivy League schools well represented. SAT scores average 122 points higher than the national average and it is in the top 4% of high school in state assessment scores. Athletically, the school has won a large number of state championships and artistically, students have over a dozen performance opportunities each year.