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Virginia Beach Friends School ($26,531.75)

Virginia Beach Friends School is a private day school that has been educating students in the Quaker tradition for nearly sixty years.  The values of equality, integrity simplicity, peace, and stewardship are integrated into the life and culture of the school community.  This is reflected in its students' accomplishments in the area of academia as well as in their commitment to serving others.  At VBFS, democratic principles and the Quaker testimonies are the foundation of its teaching and student governance.  The teaching teams encourage students to push their limits and excel.  Students at this school enjoy a vibrant and challenging educational program that embraces traditional academics while providing the opportunity for all students to experience the visual, performing, and digital arts as well as a range of sports and athletic activities.    

A basic tenet of Quakerism is that truth is continuously revealed and is accessible to the seeker. At VBFS, this belief is reflected in an open-minded approach to curriculum and teaching, in an emphasis on critical thinking skills, and in a developmental approach to children and learning.  Work on individual skills and knowledge is balanced with group learning, in which each person's unique insights contribute to a collective understanding. 


Carlisle School ($40,790.00)

Carlisle School is an independent, coeducational, day and boarding school with over 500 students in preschool through grade 12. The school offers a college preparatory program and is committed to preparing students for life in a complex and global society. As an International Baccalaureate World School which offers the IB Diploma Program to its high school students, Carlisle School sets the standard in its region for an internationally focused education. Students have the option of enrolling as a day student or even a five-day boarding experience, living with host families. A small group of international boarding students living in school dormitories adds to the richness of the academic experience for all students. Carlisle offers many support options to the international students including a Director of Residential Life and Coordinator of International Student Affairs, as well as many other faculty members who are all heavily involved in providing guidance. Each student is also assigned a faculty advisor. Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Martinsville, Virginia has a friendly, small town feel and a temperate climate. It is centrally located near larger cities; Greensboro, North Carolina, and Roanoke, Virginia are located about one hour away, while Washington D.C. is about a five hour drive. 


Blessed Sacrament Huguenot Catholic School ($25,530.00)

For 15 years, Blessed Sacrament Huguenot has had a 100% college acceptance rate amongst its graduates, due to its focus on college preparation. With a mission dedicated to fostering communication between students, faculty, home, and administration, BSH isn't just a school; it's a family. A low teacher/student ratio and average class size of 18 offer possibilities for support, participation, and individual attention. As a Preschool-through-12th-Grade Catholic school, BSH focuses on educating the whole student as he or she grows spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. The school helps to find the student's host family, and is a great resource for the family and the student. Located on a 40-acre rural campus with seven major buildings, two gymnasiums, extensive athletic fields, playgrounds, and tennis courts, students feel secure and well-provided-for. Close to Washington DC and even closer to the state capital of Richmond, students get the benefit of a beautiful rural location near to bustling, exciting cities!