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Seattle Public Schools ($20,480.00)

Seattle Public Schools is the largest school system in Washington state. This district stands committed to improving academic achievement and ensuring all students are prepared for college, careers, and life. SPS strives to provide excellent teachers in every classroom and set high expectations for each student. By meeting the needs of its diverse learners, students are prepared to excel. SPS also provides students with a variety of extracurricular and athletic options. Students are strongly encouraged to participate as SPS believes in the impact of its programs. The extracurricular activities available open up opportunities to further develop skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes, and the athletics set a foundation for personal goal setting, teamwork, responsibility, and positive self image. In Seattle, students benefit from a progressive urban setting along with a breathtaking backdrop of mountains, lakes, and forests. Culture is widely accessible as Seattle is known for its many artistic activities, book stores, wonderful restaurants, and a diverse intellectual population. With 4 distinct seasons and a beautiful geographic landscape, students will find plenty of sports and recreation options to keep busy.      


School District Motto: Every student achieving, everyone accountable


West Sound Academy (Walla Walla, WA = $41,567.15)

 The West Sound Academy campus resides on 20 pastoral acres overlooking Liberty Bay in Poulsbo, Washington. In addition to stunning views of the Olympic Mountains, there are 4 modern buildings on campus with state-of-the-art science labs, a technology center, dance, drama, and music studios, a library, and seminar rooms. Outside, there are athletic fields, a picnic area, and an outdoor amphitheater, all set amidst old fir and cedar trees. It is an ideal setting for students to learn and explore. Small classes ensure individual attention to students. The average class size is 11, with classes ranging from 7 to 20 students. Since its first commencement, WSA graduates have been accepted to over 100 colleges and universities including some of the most selective schools and programs.


Mission Statement: West Sound Academy is a college preparatory community that cultivates a high level of scholarship and artistic expression. Our mission is to graduate confident, intellectually curious, and open-minded young adults who are prepared to contribute responsibly to the world with creativity, character, courage, and compassion.  



Walla Walla Valley Academy ($22,055.00)

Walla Walla Valley Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist, coeducational high school located in College Place, Washington who, through competent and compassionate teaching, seeks to inspirit its students to develop Christ-centered skills and habits. Walla Walla Valley encourages students to grow spiritually, academically, physically, and socially all in the context of living a vibrant Christian life. The faculty endeavors to inspire students toward developing basic skills of learning. Computers provide students the skills and competitive edge they need. While learning to work with today's technology, students must also develop good writing, effective speaking, sensitive listening skills, and the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. The school believes these to be basic building blocks in establishing productive working relationships with others. Walla Walla Valley's teachers are dedicated to finding new methods and activities to ensure that each student has the opportunity to develop these skills. Each student also has the opportunity to be involved in the campus intramural program, varsity/junior varsity sports, and the Acro Knights, an acrobatic team. College Place, Washington is located four hours from Seattle and Portland, Oregon.     


Tacoma Public Schools ($18,945.00)

Tacoma Public Schools is well known for offering an outstanding academic curriculum. The mission of the Tacoma public schools is to provide excellent instruction that results in increased student achievement and to create a dynamic partnership with parents and the community. All 9 high schools in the district have a very good reputation. With approximately 1,500 students each, the schools have the ability and resources to offer a diverse range of courses. Tacoma Public Schools is the third largest district in Washington State and has been a "lighthouse" district for many years and often leads the way for the state's 296 districts in piloting new programs and implementing innovative ideas. Tacoma is 40 minutes south of Seattle and is surrounded by beautiful west coast nature. Located at the foot of Mount Rainier and along the shores of Commencement Bay in Washington State, Tacoma is recognized as a livable and progressive international city. Tacoma itself is the third largest city in the state of Washington and has many options available for cultural immersion, shopping, sports entertainment, and recreational opportunities. Sixty-six miles of shoreline and many parks, including Point Defiance Park with a world-class zoo and aquarium, Seattle, beaches, and mountains are all within easy driving distance.   


Sunnyside Christian School ($19,897.50)

 Sunnyside Christian School is a Christian community where parents and teachers provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education in which the quality of teaching reflects a commitment to Christ.  Sunnyside assists in developing the whole child: spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.  Students are challenged to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to develop a Christ-like character, and to work to their fullest potential in all they do.  Sunnyside Christian School encourages students to pursue academic achievement, equipping them to fulfill their responsibilities to God, the Christian community, and the world.  


Sunnyside Christian School stresses a program with a variety of courses in many subject areas (for example: computer science, agriculture, consumer mathematics, world religions, business management, language arts, and world history, among many others!).  Sunnyside follows the teaching principal that Gold is Lord over all of life and all of learning.  Students at Sunnyside acquire essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills in many areas to be able to honor God in all of life.



Seton Catholic College Preparatory High School ($28,970.00)

Seton Catholic College Preparatory High School is a private, Catholic school in Southwest Washington for young men and women in grades 9 through 12. Its focus is on the academic and spiritual development of it students which is achieved by establishing a challenging academic curriculum, a solid religious education and ministry program, service and leadership opportunities, and the support of highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff. The vision of Seton Catholic includes instilling the desire to achieve and exceed their educational goals, fostering spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth, inspiring community, and accepting all faiths and backgrounds. The course of studies is designed to prepare students to enter colleges or universities. The challenging college prep program directs students into courses which prepare them for success in the future. Student success will require rigorous effort by students in both their classes in their assignments. Student life at Seton Catholic is also an integral part of its small community and encompasses leadership, clubs, activities, and so much more. Students are given the opportunity to show others, both in and out of the school community their many talents that help benefit the greater good. 


Seattle Lutheran High School ($29,620.00)

Seattle Lutheran High School offers a college preparatory education in the Lutheran tradition and has served students since 1979.  SLHS offers a personal and supportive school atmosphere where high academic standards and spiritual growth lead to confidence, hope, integrity, and passion.  Students here enjoy a variety of classes and activities while preparing for life beyond school.  Each year an average of 97% of each graduating class matriculates to college or university. SLHS graduates are writers, scientists, business owners, professional athletes, teachers, attorneys, and parents - they have made and continue to make the world a better, healthier, and happier place in which to live.  SLHS students enjoy small classes in which they get to know each other and their teachers well. Students are encouraged to develop and nurture a personal and active faith in God.  Extracurricular activities and athletics give students opportunities to expand their horizons in non-academic subjects and work together to create winning teams and interesting student activities.  

Mission Statement: Seattle Lutheran High School provides a Christ-centered and student-focused environment that equips young people in their educational and spiritual journeys to be servant-leaders in the world. 



King's Way Christian Schools ($21,787.16)

King's Way Christian Schools is an private, academically challenging school with passionate teachers in a small class setting. It is coed and Church of God affiliated, serving 911 students in Prekindergarten through 12th grade. Aside from strong academics, King's Way High School offers a variety of athletic programs designed to develop students' physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities. The purpose of education at King's Way Christian High School is to ensure for students the appropriate wealth of knowledge in light of who they are and what they are intended to become. King's Way is located in Vancouver, WA which is just 15 minutes outside of Portland, OR, a thriving tourist destination. Portland is the largest city between San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA so there are a multitude of attractions surrounded by a charm that gives you the feel of a smaller town. Residents of Vancouver however do not have to travel into Portland for the action as the city of Vancouver has recently seen a revitalization of local art and cultural events. 


Grace Academy ($22,019.75)

Grace Academy is a private school serving 331 students in grades Prekindergarten through 12. It is coed, religious, and Christian affiliated. The school has been offering private Christian Education to the community since 1977 and its mission is clear: Grace Academy impacts students by moving them toward knowledge and wisdom, educating from a biblical world view for this life, and evangelizing and equipping for eternal life. A school like Grace Academy offers the best opportunity for students to be involved with clubs, athletics, leadership, and fine arts. With a smaller student body, virtually everyone may participate in the activities of their choice and develop skills that will be useful later in life. As an example, the students receive excellent coaching and training so that the school choirs and drama productions are first-rate. Grace Academy is located in Marysville, Washington which is the 2nd largest city in Snohomish County. The downtown shopping experience includes a wide array of retail shopping along with its rustic charm and friendliness. For those interested in the outdoors, Marysville offers a nature park, waterfront access, and a 17-mile recreational trail. For all this and more on a larger scale, the city of Seattle is only 35 minutes away!    


DeSales Catholic High School ($31,005.00)

DeSales Catholic High School is a private, Roman Catholic high school in Walla Walla, Washington. DeSales traces its roots back to two high schools, all-girls Saint Vincent Academy and Saint Patrick's School for Boys. The two schools merged in 1930. The school moved to its current campus in 1959 and was renamed DeSales Catholic High School. At DeSales, students are educated for life from a Roman Catholic tradition. Considering the unique needs of its students, each student is provided a rigourous curriculum which prepares them for college at a higher level. Opportunities for college credit at all local colleges are available to students who qualify. DeSales welcomes international students from all over the world and has been a home away from home for students from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Students are guided to make the best choices to enhance academic standing, receive many one-on-one college counseling sessions, and are encouraged to participate in athletic teams, extracurriculars, and community service. Located in the heart of the Walla Walla Valley, students are exposed to beautiful wide open spaces and many bike and hiking paths. Bluewood ski area is located within a 45 minute drive from Walla Walla. In 2011 Rand McNally corporation awarded Walla Walla the friendliest small town in the United States.