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Tuyển sinh visa J1

Giới thiệu phần tình nguyện viên

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Help others

Make a difference

Find purpose

Enjoy a meaningful conversation

Connect with your community

Feel involved

Contribute to a cause that you care about

Use your skills in a productive way

Develop new skills

Meet new people

Explore new areas of interest

Meet good people

Impress your mom

Impress yourself

Expand your horizons

Get out of the house

Make new friends

Strengthen your resume

Feel better about yourself


Alpine Viet Volunteer Network
currently has volunteer opportunities available through almost Northern provinces in Vietnam. Volunteers have the chance to help care for children in orphanages, caring centers, Build homes for underprivileged communities, or teach English in primary school in Hanoi & summer teaching program ...

- The orphanage in Hanoi aims to rehabilitate and support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Volunteers assist staff members with daily activities like teaching English, playing games, singing songs and planning arts projects.

- Rehabilitation Centers provides care and rehabilitation to disabled children in Hanoi area. Volunteers can join to take care of children, help in rehabilitation exercises and general work in the center.

- Many schools in Vietnam offer activities over the summer to enrich the lives of their students. Teach English or French, as well as sports and other activities to the children of Vietnam. You won't believe how open and friendly these kids are to foreign ...

- We help to Build homes for underprivileged communities in Sapa - Lao Cai and Halong Bay

Note: we have special guest house for International volunteer to stay
STA-TRAVEL Guest House (click here)